My Junior is a new premium clothing brand for children from 3 to 10 years old. All mothers know the difficulties in choosing clothes for kids. Every detail is important here: natural fabrics, beautiful and safe accessories, comfortable tailoring, stylish design and, of course, uncompromising quality. All these have formed the brand's philosophy basis.

My Junior clothing is made from the best materials from the leading European manufacturers. Italy, France, Belgium, Great Britain - this is not a complete list of countries that supply raw materials for our production. But the production itself is in Moscow. It allows not only to reduce costs and, therefore, offer premium quality clothes at affordable prices, but also provides constant quality control at each production stage.

All our collections are carefully thought out from the color of the buttons to the number of pockets. The emphasis is on calm pastel colors, interesting prints, and smart casual style. Contrast dresses, laconic cardigans, fitted jackets - all these would be relevant in every child's occasion.

We want children to like their clothes, take them by themselves from the shelf and fill confident in every day of their life. We want to surround children with beauty and quality so they could aspire to beauty and quality in their further, grown up, life.